iGIS 7.0 released!

iGIS 7.0 has been released. We’ve added several major enhancements to iGIS 7.0 and have introduced the iGIS Pro subscription for advanced features.

These are the new features for all iGIS 7.0 users:

  • Dropbox integration and Email support (i.e. load data into iGIS from an email attachment) for Import/Export;
  • Ability to remember previously used projections;
  • Ability to create new point, line and polygon layers in-App;
  • New sample project and datasets to show available functionality;
  • Enhanced usability via increased button sensitivity, streamlined project creation and import/export processes.

Note: Due to the superior Import/Export features of DropBox integration and Email Support, the Wi-Fi Import/Export feature has been removed for iGIS 7.0.


iGIS Pro is available as a subscription from within iGIS 7.0 at a cost of $5USD/month or $20USD/year.

iGIS Pro features: 

  • Feature labelling - Define a layer's attributes to be used as labels in the map display;
  • Search functionality - Search map service for addresses. Search layers for attributes;
  • Photo support - Capture photos against feature attributes;
  • Scalebar - A scalebar is included in the map display;
  • Distance/Area measure tools - Accurately measure distances and areas in the map display;
  • Distance/Area feedback on edit - Accurate display of distance and area feedback in feature edit mode.


 iGIS 7.0