Custom development focuses on large system development projects, usually in relation to land or spatial information. Through a commitment to innovation and quality, Geometry has established a proud history of successful development, implementation and management of large information technology projects across both the public and private sectors in Australia.

We deliver solutions that are fit for purpose, scalable and avoid over-engineering to ensure the best possible value for our customers. Geometry's SoftwareMark Silver accreditation guarantees consistent high quality project outcomes and a positive customer experience.
The Integration and Consolidation of Geoscience and Exploration Resource Data

Customer: Mineral Resources Tasmania, Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources, Tasmanian Government

 An information management system which provides Internet access to a wide range of geoscientific and tenement information held by Mineral Resources Tasmania.

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Land Information System Tasmania

 Customer:  Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment, Tasmanian Government

 A land information system for the business community and general public, including searchable access to land ownership, property valuation and property sales information.

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Spatial Database Integration and Web Delivery

 Customer: Australian Antarctic Division

The design and implementation of a spatial database to hold all spatial data centrally, enabling integration with other corporate data.

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Road Information Management System

 Customer: Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources, Tasmanian Government

The centralised maintenance of information regarding all aspects of road management, including road surface, road signs, bridge condition, budgets, planning and reporting.

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Property View Web Portal

 Customer: Webmap Pty Ltd, Brisbane

 An innovative web portal providing commercial access to high-resolution aerial and satellite imagery

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Land Titles Register

 Customer: Registrar General's Office, Australian Capital Territory

The replacement of the Registrar General's existing computerised land titles register with a tailored installation of the system developed the the Land Titles Office in the Northern Territory.

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Infrastructure and Resource Information Service

 Customer: Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources, Tasmanian Government

A whole of government information service based on open standards that integrates spatial and aspatial data from disparate government silos.

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Integrated Land Information System

 Customer: Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment, Northern Territory Government

 A web-based land information system used by the Northern Territory Government to record, plan and deliver all information about land to the Northern Territory community.

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Geocoded National Address File

 Customer: Public Sector Mapping Agencies (PSMA) Australia, Canberra

The consolidation of millions of candidate addresses from various data sources to produce a single database, the first authoritative index of Australian addresses, each with a unique geographic coordinate.

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ACT Locate Spatial Portal

 Customer: Department of Urban Servers, Australian Capital Territory Government

 An interactive mapping interface that enables the search and location of features including street address, block and place names, map printing and creation of customised maps.

Aus Property Search

 Customer: Aus Property Search Pty Ltd.

 An online property search service that accelerates the conveyancing process by providing fast, accurate and comprehensive land information to the conveyancing industry

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